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The Mythical Beast Born

The final battle of the Dark Lord Maegemarth left many dead. The few that survived to return to their homes undoubtedly had many war stories to share. One of the more popular ones involves the great beast that appeared that day. A large Fox-beast as big as a worg, fur black as night, with purple tips and underside, eyes of burning fire, and two horns. A mythical beast to those who are experts of lore; an old druid god that had died hundreds of years before.
If you have not heard the story of the last druid gods, it goes something like this:
The druid gods guarded the lands of the continent, keeping balance and order in their territories. At least, until darkness poisoned the lands. The druid gods grew weak in their forms; some fell victim to madness, destroying their clans and anything in their path. Others were found dead and half decomposed, drained of their magic and power, with opened eyes that showed the misery of the war just lost. The age of druids almost to an end, a decision was made: each god was sacrificed a children, a new vessel to fuse with, to keep the gods and their powers alive.
Rumor had it that this was the demise of the druids. Most children were too weak, could not fuse with these beasts. The mass sacrifice of children had left the druid population weak, and it's said that they died off generations later. After all, no one had seen a druid, let alone these beast gods that they tried to save.
Until now...
The young druid had been waiting atop the hills, watching the armies amass around the city for days. She watched, foolish creatures both dark and light marching blindly to their deaths. "I bet they dont even have a clue..." she thought to herself.
The druid was not concerned with the outcome of this battle; rather she was here for power. And in a battle this huge, power was far from scarce. The great lords, the paladins, the Dark Lord himself, all gathered in the same location... and whether they knew it or not, their energy filled the air. Energy, delicious energy. Energy fueled her magic, and magic was her strength. These days, she'd never felt stronger.
Then it happened. What she was waiting for.The dragon Maegamarth's roar had stopped everyone in their tracks, but had anyone bothered to look towards the sky, they'd have known. The dark moon started drifting downwards, towards the continent. Such power, such energy. She inhaled, preparing herself. Then she knelt to the ground.
Focus. She closed her eyes, and placed her hands on the ground in front of her, feeling the energy around help guide her.
Then, silence.The pain was intense, but momentary.
The beast opened her eyes. All senses were heightened. She could smell the blood, the death, the hope, and the fear from down below. She could feel the energies pulse around her, stronger than before. She quickly grew hungry. "Feed" spoke the whisper on the wind. She darted off into the battle.
The beast was not concerned with the outcome of this battle; she was here for power. Power came with strength, strength came from energy, and the best form of energy is that which possesses every creature that walks this land - their life. You see, it's no easy task to consume the life energy of another creature. It requires a lot of energy to fuel that magic alone. A battle like this was perfect; mass amounts of energy for her use freely available around her, and more than enough foolish creatures to feed her hunger.
The first victim came charging at her recklessly. Shield far to his left, right sword arm far out from his side. A quick body blow to the soldier's right side was enough to send him face first, breathless in the dirt. The beast strode over, rolled the soldier onto his back. "Puny" spoke the beast as she placed a paw on the soldier's chest, holding him down, "but you'll do as a snack." She let out long howl, calling to the energy around her, then turned back to the helpless man below her paw. She dug her claws into his chest, piercing his heart, pushing magic though his body that summoned his life essence to condense into a tiny crystal in his heart. As he took his last breath, she heard the whisper. "Feed." She sunk her teeth into his chest, finding the tiny crystal, and fed for the first time. When she looked up, the onlookers scattered. She smirked, and chased after her next victim.
She awoke, not knowing when it was or where she was. She remembers the Paladin sacrificing himself releasing his light. She remembers the Dark Lord meeting his demise. It wasnt until she came to that she realized what had happened. In disbelief, the beast dug her claws into the ground.
But there was nothing.
Frustrated, she tried again.

Magic was gone. No, magic was mostly gone; she could still feel some around her, but for the most part it was void. The beast sat down hard... and chuckled to herself. Without magic, she could not change back into her human form.
"Seek," spoke the whisper on the wind.
At first she didnt understand, but then she felt it. There was a small pulse of energy nearby. Weak, but there. When she sought it out, she found a small, jagged black rock. Getting close to it you could hear the hum, that unmistakable sound of magic trapped in an object. She placed it on the ground in front of her, studying the strange rock, when suddenly it began to move. The strange rock starting shaking, as if it were about to explode. Instead, a smaller shard broke off.
The beast stared at it for a moment, trying to figure out what to make of it, when the whispers spoke again.
"Power" it offered.
The tiny shard shot forth, embedding itself into the beast's chest. She screamed, but suddenly realized that she felt slightly stronger.
"Seek" it beckoned.
"Serve" it demands.
The beast smiled. The great lords might have fallen, but there might be another way to gain her power. With that, the beast strode off.
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