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Chapter 2: The Coming Dawn

Chapter 2: The Coming Dawn

"What's going on over there?" A hustle amongst the crowd interrupted Cross as a few soldiers pointed to see the brothers of destiny approach the bridge. Mithris stood ready, Daeris stood nervous, and a large man in mithril maille sauntered up to them.
"I think our trade is complete," Daeris lofted the stone in the direction of Pheadrus, and the Elite Guardsman snatched it from the air. In that moment, a flicker of light shot out of the stone, and the towering man felt his dark energies slip away. A bit perturbed, but having no way to deal with it, he approached the two brothers. The contract was sealed.
As the stone slipped out of Daeris' hand, an ache within him stirred. The darkness he'd incurred in the past few years culminated into this moment, and his eyes went black. Unsheathing his sword, he turned on his brother, Mithris, attacking in full force. His blond brother retreated back as the Elite Guardsman shield-bashed Daeris to the ground. Clambering to his feet, the former crusader, taken by Maegamarth's dark hold, escaped into the ranks of the shadows.
"Daeris! Daeris no!" Mithris began his charge, only to find familiar hands on his shoulders.
"Mithris! Get it together! You can save your brother, but running headlong into that army is suicide!" Cross shouted.
"We'll get him back. All we have to do is remove the darkness," Major Toland spoke calm and collected. His battle-hardened eyes stared into the Crusader's, and it brought Mithris down from his frenzy.
"I need to gather a strike force, and get my brother back," Mithris stormed back into the lines, and it was at this point that morale began to wane, and the dark armies howled victoriously as Daeris slipped in and out of their lines.
It was at this point that Cross shouted for everyone's attention. He slipped into that person who lead mercenaries to victory, the person who commanded forces in defense of the Belegarian Lifetree, the same person who won the hearts and minds of the people the past four years, and brought hope to the masses.
"Today, we stand in the darkness, a darkness that's engulfed this land for many years. We stand before the undead, the orcs, the necromancers, who have terrorized and destroyed our homes. Today, we fight for the loved ones we have lost, and the loved ones we have found. We fight for the children we have lost, and those who have yet to be born," He glanced from one friend to the next, and a smile on his face. "This is our final battle and we fight. We fight for ourselves, we fight for the light, we fight for freedom, and we fight for life! Today, we usher in a new dawn! Today, the shadows will know fear, for nothing can hide in the light!" The words fell off of his tongue as if he weren't speaking them. The young Cross's feet hit the ground, his paladin allies Major Toland and Ixsain having raised him up for the speech mid-way through, and he hadn't even noticed. The allies of light cheered, cried, and pounded their shields. The men rushed passed him as he hit the ground; the battle was beginning.

"If we can hold the city and keep a kill-pocket on the bridge, we can obliterate their forces," Fairion spoke to Cross, covered in dirt and clotted black blood from the first charge.
"All right, I'll get back out there and let them know. Thanks for your aid, Field Marshall," He exhaled, and turned to rush back through the lines and into the battle. A hand clasped his shoulder. As Cross turned, Ixsain and Dac stood, the Order behind them.
"Where do you want us, sir?"
"Follow me, your forces will be key in obtaining the city," Cross began weaving in and out of the crowd, heading towards the city. The Order followed with no hesitation.

The volley arched down towards the King. Lugh swung his weapon wildly amongst the undead that broke through the line, heading their way to him. His focus left the arrows unattended, and as they approached, one of the younger members of the Fury shoulder checked him to the ground. As Lugh hit the ground, darkness engulfed him, the shadow of his ally standing over him blotting out the light.
"Th-thank you..." He muttered, ashamed he hadn't noticed the volley.
"Beta, your majesty," He spoke aloud.
"Thank you, Beta," The king found his feet and stood next to him, "You're a part of the King's Guard, now, I need men like you watching my back."
"Well, for the rest of this battle, my shield is your's," He replied, mildly confused. "I'm already a part of the King's guard. Anamanate already recruited me..." He thought to himself.

At this point the dragon had fallen and risen many times. Its body was tattered and broken, but the dark energies and strong necromancy kept the fierce creature on the field. The Duindor forces were holding off the dragon, many falling to its prowess. At one point one of the men managed to slash open the stomach of the beast. Its contents emptied and the form of a man hit the ground.
"Is he...?" A man glanced at the figure that crawled its way to safety behind the Duindor lines. A soldier brought down his spear, only to halt upon hearing a shout.
"Stop! He is no undead! That is the Knight of Eryndor! That is Ame Corthos!" She adorned his helmet and shield, wearing them in honor of his sacrifice having heard his tragic tale. Glo commanded the soldiers bring him to her.
"...Greetings, m'lady.... Thanks... for your aid... " He cackled a little, clamboring to his feet. His time spent in the gullet of the dragon left him a tad crazy. "I kept... the artifacts from coming together... as long as I could... "
"Healer, medic! We need someone to tend to this brave soldier!" She commanded, and within moments a fledgling paladin and an Edheliu healer arrived, bringing the Knight Corthos to full stamina.
Sadly, without Corthos there to hold the pieces apart, Maegamarth was coming. The artifacts and statue pieces fused below the creature, and the soul of Maegamarth slipped into the beast. Its wounds wrapped and wound into undead masses, and the dragon roared ferociously at its armies. The Duindor forces stopped in fear, and in that moment the dragon's breath shot down upon the first rank of soldiers. A mixture of poison and fire left the front lines scorched and charred, and those that weren't directly hit coughed at the toxic fumes. The Dark Lord had risen, and what a fearsome form he found.

"That is him. He has returned. We march now," Asashi spoke to the men at his disposal for the final mission. "I must possess that dragon. I will be the Dark Lord."
The suit of armor began its charge through the living lines. Flail crashed into body after body, during his assault. Blood splattered across the dark armor, and the Imperial Guard's forces pushed forward through the living.

"Our forces are weakening on the bridge! I need reinforcements to push them back!" Cross shouted as he directed men from one point to another. Angus, Leonidas, and Yinzurich stood behind him.
"Sounds like it's time to go Blood Running," The hero Leonidas spoke aloud. Enchanted in such a way that only a friend could cause him harm, Leonidas was the best choice for pushing back an enemy line.
"It is... It is good to see you. I leave it in your hands," Cross smiled and sighed in relief as the three men gathered up their forces.
"Form up, Blood Runners! It's time to punch a hole in that line!" Angus shouted as he rallied his comrades in arms.

"Aye! Trog, don't get too complacent! Jus' cuz ya got some pretty elven healers dun mean I can wait all day on you to get back in the battle!" Eldgrim shouted behind as he and the navy protected the healers from patching up the wounded.
"I can't help it, the arrow isn't exactly coming AGH! ....out," He winced as some of the Edheliu loosened the arrow from his shoulder, applying some healing salve.
"Our lines are fallin', McEldy! We ain't gon' be able to hold much longer! We ought start moving them injured folk back further!" Mav shouted across the line to his leader.
"No can do, Maverick! There's too many of them! Spearsy forest is just going to have to hold tight!" the double bearded man, Sethrin, shouted in response.
"What's that? The Imperial Guard is flanking!" A seaman shouted.
"Yes'sir, Captain Eldgrim, but once this is over, consider that life debt paid," The drow hustled his men into the line, smirking to the navymen.
"Aye, 'less I save y'er life again, today!" The red bearded man chuckled.

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Re: Chapter 2: The Coming Dawn

"Keep up the good work, men," Anamanate spoke solemnly to his squad, the new Veris. He was startled by a hand on his shoulder. After King Jayne praised Beta's efforts in the King's Guard, he sent the Anamanate and his best on a different mission.
"Brother, the Lady Veris wishes to fight with the new Veris," Fenris lowered his head to Anamanate.
"....The traitor Fenris...." He spoke quietly, "Well, in this squad, all past grievances are forgiven. We are former criminals, scoundrels, and brigands, and the same can be said for you and your men. Today, we are allies, and brothers at arms."
"It's good to be back," Fenris called his men over, Veridan, Rahazen, and the whole crew stood in the ranks of the new veris.
"Where do you want us, General?" Veridan spoke up, chewing on a stalk of wheat.
"We need to reinforce the city. I don't know about you guys, but my men are well-versed in alleyway, rooftop, and city fighting," The paladin said.
"We'll make due," Rahazen nodded.

"I can't believe he betrayed us! We need to get him back! He's my commander!" Arient shouted.
"Let's get a strike force. Raak will not stand for such traitorism," the red goblin muttered.
"Yes, we'll bring him back by force," Bak Dor chuckled.
"Now, we only need to find him."

"Keep pushing! The line is-" Leonidas was interupted mid order. He coughed, blood spattering out of his mouth.
"Yinzurich! What are you doing?!" Angus the paladin shouted as the dwarven man drove his axe into the back of Leonidas.
"Can't you feel it? It's worthless. The darkness... it will prevail," The voice was Yinz, but the words were not.
Leonidas fell to the ground, knocking on death's door. Angus darted towards him, light energy ablaze.
"I can't let you do that," Yinzurich crashed into Angus, their shields colliding. The resulting force sent each of them stumbling back.
"Then you leave me no choice," Angus drew arms against his friend, and the two battled. Angus's sword landed in Yinzurich's side, but the darkness feels no pain. Yinzurich sent the axe crashing down into Angus's neck.
That is when he first saw it. Cross's eyes shot across the battlefield and to the bridge the Blood Runners were holding. Angus's body began to glow, and from the wound on his neck, light energy poured out. The dawn had arrived. The energy spewing forth from Angus sent black orcs cowering, necromancers hiding, and undead faltering. A hole in the line where Angus once stood allowed the remainder of the Blood Runners to push forward and take the line. The bodies of Leonidas and Yinzurich lay upon the ground, the axe shattered with shards left in either body. Tattered pieces of Angus's armor were all that was left in his wake. His shield and sword strewn across the field, but his body had disappeared.

"Daeris!" a shout, "Daeris!" Mithris is rushing towards his brother, the fallen crusader cutting down infantryman and peasant alike.
“Wait," Nova's hand falls upon Mithris's shoulder, a calmness in her voice.
“I can’t wait, that’s Daeris! Look! There!” Mithris is shouting, succumbing to the frenzy he fell into earlier when his brother first turned, “Daeris!”
“He can’t hear you!” Nova shouts, clutching Mithris's face, “If there’s any hope of saving Daeris, you’ll need to bring a Paladin close enough to pull the darkness out of him.”
“Fine!” Mithris shouts as he turns back towards the battle.
Nova grabs him by the arm, not finished with her conversation, “And you’ll need this.” She held out the redeemed mace, “This is what destroyed King Riadarin, and if it touches Daeris, it might purge him of the darkness. And you're not going alone." She allowed Mithris his frenzy, and followed, guarding him all the way.
The two rush to the line, and Mithris meets with Daeris. He calls out, "Nova! Help-" but she was busy healing a wounded man. Franticly he glanced to see Noroko, her silver armor gleaming while she pushed a line. "Noroko! Come with me! We need to save Daeris!"

"There he is," Arient mutterd.
"That's definitely him," Bak Dor nodded.
"Let's bring him back to the darkness," Tom Atoe grinned.
The Guardsmen rushed towards Pheadrus, whose flail was crushing the skulls of greenskin or undead alike. His helmet blocked out his vision so he had no preparation for what came next. A train wreck of purple and black clashed into the man. A few men faltered to some Belegarian infantry, but Arient, Bak Dor, and Tom Atoe ripped the fallen Pheadrus back behind the lines.
"I was hoping you'd come get me. The contract never said anything about me becoming a prisoner of war, and being forced to lead my old men," Pheadrus smirked, moving to his feet.
"Your greed will be the end of you some day, sir," Arient shook his head.
"There are two kinds of people in this world, those who want, and those who have. I intend to never be the former," Pheadrus spoke, "Now, gentlemen, we have a battle to win."

"Don't get me wrong, King Jayne, your hat is awfully cunning, but wouldn't a helmet be a touch more... befitting of this scenario?" Beta shouted as his arrow-full shield caught yet another stray headed for Lugh's noggin.
"This hat was a gift from the people! To wear it inspires them! If it means I need a guard such as yourself to watch out for me, so be it, but I will not let my people down," the King exclaimed as he hammered his mace into an undead's skull.
"I just... logic dictates.... you know what, screw it, your hat is cunning as hell!" Beta exclaimed, bashing an oncoming goblin to the ground.

"Cross! When are we going to save Daeris?!" The major shouted as he returned from one of the lines. His main goal was to report to Fairion that the city had been sieged, and the light aligned forces were doing well, aside from the Dark Lord's rebirth and the faltering Duindor forces.
"Does it look like we've won this battle?" Cross questioned the Field Marshall, his sword Aurora gleaming in the sun.
"....We need to save him," The greyed old man furrowed his brow.
"I have a battle to win, Major. I didn't think that I would be the one chosing the lives of many over the life of one," Cross quipped back.
"Fine, I'll do it myself," The grizzled veteran shouted back to Cross before he made his way to Fairion.
"Don't get yourself killed! You've got men to lead, too!" Cross yelled, before turning back towards the battle, barking orders to a small contingent of the infantry, accompanied by a couple fledgling paladins.

"Stupid peasants," a voice echoed from the armor as he continued his rampage. The Lord of Nothing raged with his men as he approached the Dark Lord Maegamarth. The Dragon was still too far from Asashi. "Ryot! Cut down these lines! Make a path! I WILL BE DARK LORD!"
The tallest goblin squirked, and fell into line. His spear shot forth like lightning, each strike maiming or killing an enemy combatant. Blood spilled across his green skin, trickling down the spear. The red liquid was a familiar sight to the goblin, and the dark runes on his skin ached for more carnage.

"I could have killed you in this moment, at this time," The man whispered into Cross's ear, the pommel of a dagger pressed into his back.
"Jarred Nightthorne," he shook his head slowly. "I've no money, especially for a dead man."
"I came to tell you that I gave my word, and that I am here, fighting for life," He stepped from behind Cross, into his field of vision.
"And I heard there was no honor among thieves," Cross laughed.
"The value of a man's oath is worth more than he can carry, regardless of his size," Jarred winked, and like that, had fallen into the shadows of battle, to prove the worth of a thief.

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Re: Chapter 2: The Coming Dawn

"Into the water, men!" Maverick shouted as he witnessed the undead crawling up from waterways. It seems that since the allies of Light had taken the bridge, the only route left was across the sides.
"Time to show off those otterin' skills we've heard so much about," Trog glanced back.
"Hope you had your tuna rations, boys, it's time for a swim," Thorgrim nodded, the first of the navy to break the water. Upon entry he stabbed his way through a plethora of undead.
"Whaddaya waitin' for?! We can't leave 'im hangin'!" Maverick plunged into the water, shielding for his boatsmith.
"Are they going to be okay down there?" Rahazen asked Fenris while the New Veris glanced down from the edge of town, overlooking the waterways.
"If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about water combat, it's that damn Fury Navy. Keep your wits about you, Fallen Raven," he shouted back.
"You mean Clipped Wing," Reydren, the newest Mourner pushed up into the city strike force, his freshly painted rune a statement that he would not be raised undead.
"I hate that name! Can't I just be the Fallen Raven?!" Rahazen whined.
"Enough squabbling!" Anamanate had heard enough, "We've got a city to take back."
"He's right. These streets are my home. Follow me," Reydren lead them down alleys, through buildings, and the New Veris flanked groups of undead throughout the city.

"Daeris, I'm coming!" Mithris shouted. Noroko's light caused the Shadow Cleaver to freeze. He glanced to Mithris, his eyes no longer black.
"Brother?" Daeris questioned, in a daze.
Before he could muster another word, Mithris lunged forward with the redeemed mace. It crashed into Daeris, but some of the force was stopped when a spear split open Mithris's chest. The blond brother collapsed, and his vision blurred. His determination to find Daeris, however, did not wane. He crawled across the battlefield, his own blood trailing him.
"Dae...ris...?" Mithris questioned, finding the lifeless body of his brother. His own strength is waning. Is this the end of their story? Have the brothers of the Crusade finally fallen?
From the bustle of battle, Ixsain cleaves through undead minion, one after another, until reaching the body of Daeris. Dac and the Order back him up, and as he reaches the body, he abandons his blade to grasp the man's leg.
While dragging the fallen Daeris from the fight, Mithris crawls alongside. The Order forms a circle around them once they are back in the line, protecting their retreat. Paladins rush to their aid, noting the mortally wounded Mithris, and the fallen Daeris.
A healer rushes to aid Mithris, but he shouts "Daeris, save Daeris!" blood trickling from his lips as he heaves the words.
Major Toland is there, kneeling beside Daeris. Ixsain begins chanting. They channel their energy, and despite having never ressurrected a fallen soul, their confidence inspires those around them to lend their light.
Mithris is struggling, tears in his eyes, "My brother.... Daeris," his breaths becoming more and more shallow. His sight becoming weak. He lay dying in a pool of his own blood, praying his last vision won't be of his dead brother.
The city is being taken, the bridge belongs to the light. Maegamarth lets out a roar, finally pushing back the last of the Duindor forces, pushing Queen Glo to call a retreat. The Dark Lord rages, turning his gaze upon the city. "Arise!" a roar.
The freshly dead black orcs and goblins resurge. The undead who weren't completely obliterated find their way to their feet again. The allies of Light cower and struggle underneath the reinforced Dark Army. Victory would not be taken so easily, and the raised forces begin their assault once more, the center of the city pushing outward.
Those fighting in the city take cover in buildings, on rooftops. Forced to hide, the New Veris, accompanied by Reydren, lead guerilla tactics on groups of undead while the bulk of the infantrymen and women pull out of the city. One edge is still held by the Light.
Word reaches Fairion that the city has been taken again, the Dark Lord at its center. The tactician and general is at a loss. He sends for Cross.

"So you want to be an assassin? Follow me," The lanky Guardsmen spoke to the young warrior girl before he darted off.
Scorcha had no time to respond, only pursue her superior. Belegarian infantrymen ran in retreat from the Dark Dragon, and as Pibs found their backs, so did Scorcha. Their swords and daggers shot forth into the soldiers' backs, their cries of pain murmured over the sound of confusion. The two slipped down an alleyway after dispatching a healthy amount of the squad.
"That... that was exhilirating," She panted.
"That's how you become an assassin," He spoke, calm and collected after his assault, wiping the blood from his blade off on the side of his pants.

A cough, the words raspy, "Wha- How much time has passed?" Mithris choked out.
"It's been about a minute, guy," The Major replied, smiling, before hopping to his feet. "Now or never," he spoke as he slapped Ixsain on the back. The two darted back onto the field.
"I'm glad the Light Water worked. I'd never guessed we'd have been able to bring people back from the dead... At least not with the Light," Arias spoke to himself as he made his way back to his post with Fairion.
"Brother?" Daeris spoke looking to Mithris, "Brother, where are we?"
"We're in Hithdor," Mithris replied.
"But the walls?! The walls are destroyed!" Daeris exclaimed.
"I saw everything, Daeris. I saw the fate our world may face if we fail. This is our only chance to save the world," Mithris spoke, and Daeris questioned nothing. The brothers, reunited, re-entered the fray.

"Closer, must get closer," Asashi pressed through enemies much quicker with them on the retreat. Orzhof worked from the shadows nearby, his dagger finding its way into the holes Asashi busted in the line's defenses.
The runed goblin found his way to his leader, bearing news. "Dark Lord pushing out. This way!" Ryot shouted, spearing those around him to create a path for his leader.

Dark forces were pressing out, the risen fighting fearlessly through the Hithdor, Belegarian, and Duindor armies, the city nearly lost. Anamanate and the new Veris created enough holes and passageways in the city, especially with Reydren's knowledge, to salvage enough soldiers to protect the wounded, but the severe blow to the Allies of Light left morale at lowest it had been all battle.
"Our forces have taken the bridge and can wrap around back into the city, but we don't have enough of them to push back into the front. We have the position for a pincher, but not the forces," Fairion spoke in dismay, his forehead in his hand. "Do we retreat, or do we fight to the death?"
Cross lowered his head. This was the choice he dreaded. His hands balled into fists as he clenched the edge of the strategy table. Blood stained his gleaming armor, and sweat matted his hair. His eyes squinted shut. "Damnit. Damnit it all," he exclaimed in anger. "We fight... we fight to the last man. It is... our only chance."

"Good work, goblin. Good work, indeed," Asashi smirked as he moved through the crowd. A force crashed into him, and he stumbled lightly, glancing downward.
It was Mithris himself. He lay, clasping his foot in pain, infront of Asashi.
"Puny," The Lord of Nothing chuckles as he continues onward, caring not for the ants who clambor at his feet.

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Re: Chapter 2: The Coming Dawn

"Push onward, men! This may be our last day! This will be everyone's last day if we do not succeed!" The King exclaimed, pointing his spear towards the city, and the Belegarian army charged. Duindor forces supported, and the Hithdorian soldiers began weaving through alleys and buildings.
"Is this our last hurrah, your majesty?" Beta glanced towards Lugh.
"If that's the case, we're going too," Nova exclaimed. "The elves will take up arms, even the healers! It is our time as much as yours'!

As the warriors pushed forward into the city, it seemed that there were more of them than before. Cross stood on a vantage point, overlooking the battle to see men rushing in from all sides, river pirates, spinning like dervishes, slipping through lines like sneaks. The Cirion, they had arrived. A lady in red led a small flank into combat. A man in scarves danced in and out of battle, his scimitar slashing through monster and undead alike, despite the sling that held his other arm. Reinforced by the Cirion, the Allies of Light regained an upper hand.

"You," Asashi shouted while Nova lay hands on a fallen elf, "Enough."
His shield crashed down upon her, and the guantlet of his armor gripped her throat. "Darkness is the only true way to bring back your allies," A deep, booming laugh.
Nova coughed and choked while being raised into the air. Darkness engulfed her, and she began to go limp. The young elf's life started to wilt, the light in her eyes fading. She faltered under the grasp, before Asashi dropped her lifeless body to the ground.
"Your light means nothing," As he stomped onward.

"Hah, hahaha," Cross laughed in relief, wiping some sweat from his brow. "Those surprise reinforcements couldn't have come at a better time," He took a deep breath, and glanced out ahead. The battle seemed to be coming to a close. With the Allies of Light pushing in on the Dark Lord from both sides, victory was within sight. The sun was shining. The dawn had arrived.
"What's going on over there?" Arias pointed out, towards the center of the city. The dragon and the center of the Dark Army began to glow a deep purple, the darkness fogging the area. The skies darkened, clouds blotting out the light that brought cheers and hope to the Allies.
"That can't be good," Fairion commented.
"I need to get there, now," Cross glanced over to Kali, who was at Fairion's side. "Tell me the quickest way to the center of that army."
"I can take you there," she replied.
"No, you could very well die," He spat back.
"I don't care. You won't make it alone," She stood her ground.
"Fine, let's--- " He couldn't finish his sentance before she darted down the vantage point. He followed, taken aback.

The knight Corthos bursted through enemy lines, cackling a bit in his own madness. Undead faltered left and right, and little knicks and cuts from oncoming blades couldn't stop the man bathed in dragon's bile. Nearby a pair of dark warriors, dark-souled women, tore apart some of the Duindor reinforcements in their attempts to tear down paladins. Their black and silver armor, clouded in dark energy, deflected blows from the Allies of Light. The Madman Corthos rushed them in his inasnity, noting their threat.
The skirmish began, the Knight of Eryndor glancing a spearshot off of his shield. A club from the other came crashing into his dome. Helmet clanged, and he chuckled before swinging downward at an exposed arm. The two were taken aback by his wreckless fighting style, and reformed into a tighter pair. The spear shot forward, and Ame stepped over shot after shot, sword clanging against the one Lightbreaker's shield.
"You can't stop the Corth'!" he shouted, maniacally, far too deep in enemy lines at this point.
Thunk. A stray arrow struck the knight in the shoulder, and before either the Lightbreakers or the Knight could realize, the flame on the tip of the projectile erupted into an explosion. The remnants of the dragon's breath had made Ame into a walking explosive, and when that arrow ignited those chemicals, everything within a ten foot radius of the knight was set ablaze, including the two dark warriors.

"Not today, Nova," Anamanate stood over her after applying what little medical knowledge he could to patch her up. When he found her, heart beating, unconscious on the lines, he found it necessary to lug her to safety.
"Wha... Anamnam.... I feel so... weak," She sat up slightly, wincing in pain.
"Sorry, I'm not the greatest at healing light," He apologized, "But you're alive, and that's all that matters."
"Yeah.... let me patch... myself up," She winced, and pressed her hand to her leg, but no glow came. No light filled her palm.
"Everything all right?" He looked concerned.
"My light... my light is gone," The dark circles under her eyes grew heavier, and she cursed, as loud as she could from her weakened state. Even in elvish, curse words sounded angry.

"Are you positive this is the right way? I can use my light as a lantern," Cross spoke aloud, his hand on Kali's shoulder.
"Shh, the darkness is my territory, and you're being too loud," She whispered.
"...sorry," He whispered back. "You know, your arm..."
"What about it?!" She exclaimed, quietly.
"I mean, if we get out of this alive, and all of this is over, I can fix it," He whispered.
"Wait... oh, hah, thank you for the offer," She replied. "And don't you mean 'when this is all over'?"
"Haha, you're right. It probably doesn't sound good for the Champion Paladin to doubt the light," He chuckled.
"No, it's unbefitting of you, Azora."
He smiled, shaking his head. Word must travel fast among the shadows for her to have heard that story.

"Ugh! Still not within reach!" Asashi shouted. In his anger, he began flailing undead and goblin alike, tearing through Maegamarth's dark army in his lust for the Dark Lord's power.
"Bad idea! Bad idea!" Ryot exclaimed before scuttling away from Asashi's rampage.
The Lord of Nothing soon was swarmed by undead, crushing them with his shield and flail. Memories of his days hired by the Crusades surged through his mind. Fighting beside Deakon Avory of the Fuintar Forest, or Yakamo, the Hunter. The rampaging against these undead brought about these memories of when he was alive, when he could have been called good.
"Stupid," he muttered, shield bashing the undead off of him. "I will be Dark Lord."

The clouds began to part overtop of the Dragon Maegamarth, and a glowing darkness began to form in the sky. Raising his reptillian head to the sky, a monumentous roar brought the battle to a halt. Undead and Allies of Light alike stood in pause, staring in the direction of Maegamarth.
"What was that?!" Kali excalimed.
"We need to get out of these sewers, now," Cross commanded.
"Here, here, up this ladder," She began climbing.
"No, I'll lead the way," he put his hand on her shoulder.
"But I--" she was interrupted.
"Not this time, Kali," He climbed up the ladder.
"I'm at least coming with you!" She exclaimed. "We're behind enemy lines, you can't fight undead, goblins, black orcs, and the Dark Lord alone!"
"All right, but I'm sorry," He spoke quietly.
"Sorry for wha--" Thunk! Cross's pommel met Kali's temple in a flash of light. She hit the ground in the sewers.
"No more innocents will die under my command today. Now, it is my turn," He shook his head. He left by her side his greatsword. The blade glimmered once it left his hand, the light within no longer supressed by Cross's will.
"Take care of her, Aurora, repel all darkness that would do her harm," He whispered, running his fingertips across the sharp edge of the blade. His blood trickled down onto the glowing sword, and prayed he performed the spell correctly.
He inhaled. He exhaled. His hands wrapped around the bars of the ladder, and he climbed up towards the dim light of the darkened surface.

Cross the Boss.

President of Eryndor 2009-2011
Former High Guardsman of the Imperial Guard
Ragnarok XXIII King of Mardi Gras
Honorary Mirkwoodian
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