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Veridan Ridilis:
My father, Dawid Ridilis, was a respected man. He was promoted to Captain during the orc wars for his singular daring and bravery. He was an adviser to the Paladin Avius after the orc wars. Captain Dawid was intelligent and saw before most the blackness that controlled the King Leechian He requested to be stationed in Sirbann with his wife and me, just on the cusp of manhood. When word came that the army of Belegar led by the Paladin Avius was destroying towns, Dawid acted quickly in moving all those that would follow into the Fuintar forest. This was odd to most because the peoples fleeing the army were mostly heading into the Everledden forest. His wisdom was seen when army marched time and again into the Everledden Forest.
We scraped a living in the early days, many died in the forest but those of us left fought on. We befriend a smaller tribe of orcs, at first they wanted nothing to do with us pushing us into the swamps of the forest. My father taught me to battle in those days, we practice sword and shield work every moment we could. We had found a suitable place to being building our new place to live.
We were just getting into the winter months when we had our first run in after the early days with the orcs. My dad and myself were out hunting when we came across a battle site, two groups of orcs were battling. We kept our distance and watched carefully, ready to run if we were spotted. The fighting was ferocious and quick, it was over and only one orc was left standing but he clearly was tired and injured. We spotted three young orcs huddled together near the side of the fighting area, the lone orc vocalized something to the young orcs and they looked up. The lone orc limped over the young orcs as they tried to scurry away. My dad acted quickly picking up a javelin and hurled it at the orc catching him in the upper chest, the orcs turned with a look of shock on his face as he fell to the ground. My dad had learned some orcish during the Orc wars and tried to calm the young orcs still huddled together in fear. I was searching the area when a group of 10 or orcs surrounded us. They quickly disarmed us and picked up the young ones. My father told them what happened and one of the young ones told the orcs the same. They left our weapons and disappeared as quickly as they came, leaving the bodies for the forest. We looted what we could, a few javelins, some rations and few weapons.
When we returned to our village, A few of the orcs that were in the recuse party were waiting for us. They explained slowly that another tribe of orcs stole the young ones and were going to use them as slaves and we saved them from a terrible fate. Seeing our sorry state they offered to lead us back to their village, us being only 15 of us. We of course agreed we were running out of food and water. I quickly learned the ways of the Lao'cra tribe. I learned how to throw javelins with great strength and speed. They also taught me how to us the favored weapon of the forest, a club made of the wood they called iron wood studded with pieces of obsidian.
We heard stories of the outside world that a great black spell had all but destroyed west end and from the waste an army of so called ‘black orcs’ came forth destroying all in its path. My dad didn’t believe this until a man named Daeris helped the Sin'Haurra tribe, we helped as well. My dad talked in great length with Daeris and decided I needed to join the crusade and learn what I could. I spent some time with them but I had to return to the forest to see what had become of my people.
My father had passed away during the previous winter. I was to lead my people the best I could, I learned to be shaman from the Wuklaie, a powerful and greatly respected shaman. A few years past, my mother could see I was no longer at rest in the forest and told me to go to her home town of Gohithica were I could certainly find what I was looking for. I spent months traveling on the roads to Gohithica and what I found when I got to the city was a culture shock. I had never seen a place where so many people lived and pursued pleasures, ill or otherwise. I spent a few days in Gohithica but the city got to me and I left for the relative peace of Henge. I met an old friend, Pheadrus in Henge, and he asked me a simple question, why don’t you join the Imperial Guard. I made several week excuses and mumble something but he was persistent and in the end I joined with relish wanting to become the great warrior my dad had trained me to be.

My Mission is simple.
To Protect and Destroy for the Master demands It.
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