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How the Shadow's Edge came to be

You wish to know where we come from? The shadows, my friend. Have you not seen how strangely they move? Oh, you mean why we are here, and what we are doing here. Very well, here is our tale. You have obviously done well enough to be rewarded. You did manage to find us after all.

It began with just one small child, more than 12 years ago. Innocent at the time, but she would lose that soon enough. As her parents travelled they were slaughtered and she ran to the nearby walled city where she found a sympathetic city guard. She lived on the streets, seeing all that was wrong with the city, as he stood protecting those who kept it as it was. However, time passed, and the hurt child began to trust him, as he cared for her from afar. She used his gifts to care for those around her, those also cast to the streets. However, soon the town guard threw him out for protecting her, so he joined her in the streets. Soon a drunken fighting priest joined their number, and a cascade effect seemed to begin. Those who were cast out of where they were from, those who had nowhere to call home to begin with found a caring, compassionate group among this crowd of outcasts. Thieves, homemakers, scouts, assassins, warriors, orphans and many others were added to the group.

This group seemed to gather unrest as it grew. More cried out that we should do something against the oppressions we all had been suffering. We started planting thoughts into the common person’s mind. Little did we know, we were not the only ones at work in the city.

Our strongest were sent to reclaim the Guard, while others stayed in the shadows, prodding the people to sway in a favorable direction in an unseen way. The smartest were sent to be among the city’s new nobles and the runners of the New Hithdor to come, while those with a business sense started shops which would help us to fund our people. Our orphans and thieves became our information loops, after all, no one pays any heed to the homeless man on the corner as they speak of private and important information. Finally, our skilled assassins began taking out key people so that those we placed would be able to rise.

Soon, an opportunity arose for us to change this city, in a large way. Riots had broken out in Hithdor! We started rushing to different areas, making sure that certain helpless ones stayed out of the way and ensuring that we also gained from this event. Finally, when the dust had settled, the city was ours, and they knew nothing of the wiser. Oh sure, some have noticed that things are becoming a little nicer, but most still are unaware of just what has been happening here.

Why do we remain in the shadows? Because the shadows are a friend to us. We move around and do what is necessary, and often, the public as a whole would not like it. Thieves taking valuables from the rich? Thats a scandal. Giving what we take to the poor? Thats a virtue that is clouded to the common eye by the way that gift was obtained. Killing those who are corrupt beyond reason? Also, not well liked by the citizens of this soon to be fair city.

I hope you have heard what you have hoped to hear. Because the shadows are calling for my return. Know that you are being watched while in this city, and know indeed that we will make it so that all are equal and have a chance to thrive here, and maybe eventually beyond our borders. No matter what the cost.
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