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The Paladin Diaries: The Creator

The texts were battered and beaten. Old books with years of history stacked high in the caravan, while the Major and I rode along in search of our next lead. That dusty smell of old book, and the musky scent of decay… These stories, did they mean anything? The books spoke of a Creator today, and here is a documentation of the tale, as it might not stand up much longer in the binding it currently calls home:

“When the world was nothing there was but one energy that existed, and he was known as the Creator. Not man, not God, but something more. In the absence of Light, Dark, and all things of existence, he was there, alone. Boredom, loneliness, stagnation, the mortal man knows not the motivation behind the Creator’s actions. He knows only that this realm exists, and in this realm, the Creator blessed us with a guardian. The energy that exists for life, flowing, ebbing, etching its way through the lands, was a creation of this being, and to hold dominion over these powers, he created an essence much like himself. This spirit of Light, the son of the Creator, protected the humans, the elves, the dwarfs, and all the creatures of Eryndor and its surrounding lands. To show his presence, the Light brought about trees. Magnificent in their splendor, the energy that ran through these trees existed as a constant reminder to all creatures that they were not alone. The Life Trees, gleaming, calming, and reaching towards the heavens higher than any of their brothers, scattered the lands, and all was at peace. His essence manifested in the night sky, a soft moon that guarded his domain, even in the darkest hours. The Light was content. He had no qualms with his existence, and lived harmoniously with life, so much so that he became complacent.

The Creator, sensing the lack of motivation from his son, became displeased. Complacency was no place for a deity, especially one that he himself had created, and in his fickleness, the Creator began crafting. The wars of men, the cruelty of orcs, behaviors not exhibited by those who followed the Light, were his motivation. From his essence, the Creator crafted a new son. This son was a spirit of Darkness. Unlike his first, the Creator molded into this child a drive, a motivation, and an aggression that could challenge Light. The Creator meant not for Darkness to overcome Light, but for them to eternally struggle. It was a punishment for Light’s complacency and penchant for eternal peace. The Creator, neither good nor evil, would watch from afar in amusement at the bickering and prattling of his two sons, amused at the various ways Darkness trumped over Light.

It was a long and arduous path for Darkness, corrupting the waters, raising the fallen, and maddening the orcs. The barbarism of the Black Orcs was merciless, bloody, cruel, and unlike anything the lands had ever seen. In time, much like there were those blessed with Light, there became men, elves, dwarves, tainted by Darkness. From these dark souled beings emerged the first Necromancers, Liches, Zombies, Skeletons, and all manners of rebirthed life. These first armies were what allowed Darkness to gain the upper hand in many battles. What could be done to fight an opponent who could still fight even when his heart stopped beating? And before long, Darkness left its imprint on the lands. There was nothing Light could do but watch as his cities were ransacked, his villages burned, his creatures destroyed, but still he did nothing.”

It is said later in the book that several accounts of Darkness, the spirit itself, has been seen manifested in creatures who epitomize his desires and personality. Is it some sort of possession? Is that what Maegamarth is? Was he once a man, like myself, or the Major, whom fell into Darkness? Were his desires, his power, his aggression so strong that the Darkness itself became him and vice versa? And what of this Light? Why does the Light not reach out to us?

At some points I wonder if Light has betrayed us, if Light has given up, but I will fight for it. I will fight to prove that even a power as strong as a Deity is no match for the Light within us. Our cause is right. Our fight is just. I will fight to keep this land I now call home safe. It is the final step. The last battle before I can reclaim my name, my honor, and my redemption.

Cross the Boss.

President of Eryndor 2009-2011
Former High Guardsman of the Imperial Guard
Ragnarok XXIII King of Mardi Gras
Honorary Mirkwoodian
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