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2017 Eryndor Event Schedule

Eryndor Calendar with National Events included:

BASHCON XXXII: Feb.17th-19th
The Dag room will be hosted by the UT Dag Club
Location: Universityof Toledo

IDES OF MARCH: March 13th-19th (national event)

Eryndor Season Opener: April 1st
 hosted by the Imperial Guard
Location: Munson Park Monroe, MI

OLYMPICS: April 7th-9th (national event)

GATES OF FIRE: April 28th-30th (national event)

PENGUICON April 28th-30th (a convention eryndor/dagorhir will have a room at, to volunteer, message Kalika)

National event hosted by Eryndor
Location: Big Sandy Campground Toledo, OH

Pre Ragnarok Practice: June 3rd
Hosted by Eryndor Eboard
Location: Munson Park Monroe, MI

RAGNAROK XXXII: June 17th- June 25th

July day event: July 22nd
Hosted by Fury of the Called
Location: Livonia, MI

August Campout: August 11th-13th
Hosted by the Senegals Finest and the Dark Republic
Location: Camp Sequoia Adrian, MI

ECLIPSE IV: Sept. 7th-Sept10th (national event)

October Day Event: Oct. 7th or Oct 14th
Hosted by the Fury of the Far North
Location: Midland, MI

Eryndor Season Closer: November 18th
Hosted by the Dark Republic
Location: Monroe, MI
***Also get hype for indoor winter events coming in 2018! *** Dates TBD

***August Campout of next yerar is also set to be 8.18.18, it will be a roleplay heavy event hosted by Noroko of Legacy and Floke of Imperial Guard. We are excited to present the storyline wedding of Fenris Kelevra and Noroko Everledden. You are all invited! See ya next year!***

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Such a lovely Shade of red coming from you.
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