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Maelstrom VII: Showdown at Pride Rock


Friday, May 9th - Sunday, May 11th

Sequoia Campground
2675 Gady Road
Adrian, MI 49221

This is Eryndor's 7th annual May campout. Join the Senegal's Finest and Murciélago in Southern Michigan for fighting, feasting, partying, and the return of legendary items. Dress in your best red, green, and orange garb to show proud the colors of you clan!

Entrance fee will be $20 again this year (includes Friday and Saturday feasts).

General schedule is as follows:

Troll opens at 1 pm.
Arrive and set up camp
Pick up battles

Weapons check at 10:30 am
Pick up battles at 11:30 am
Scenario battles at 12 pm
Nightlife at dusk

Clean up and head home by 11 am

Single Blue
Blue and Board
Two weapon - No Projectiles
Red sword - No Green
Polearms - No Daggers
Archery- Target Archery
Dynamic Duo - Two versus a “forest” of Monsters

Showdown Battles:

Gators in Our Midst: Two team touch and go resurrection battle javelin football.

Clash of the Eastern Clans: Two team touch and go resurrection points with two Monarchs. If there is a King and Queen: killing the King ends the game, killing the Queen shuts off the res.

An Eastern Standoff: Three team city battle touch and go resurrection, must capture specific item from another team.

Nightlife includes: Assassin's tournaments, bonfire, hookah tents, and random prizes to be won.
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