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August Campout Volunteers

Hello Eryndor,

Just so everyone can get on the same page, I wanted to let you all know that the units Legacy of the Lifetree and Shadows Edge are hosting a campout in August. This campout will be ran differently in the sense that all of Eryndor can work together to make it happen. We will glady appreciate and accept any and all Eryndor members who wish to help out with any aspect of the planning and running of this campout. But as you can see we are starting fairly early seeing as how we will be collaborating with many different people at many different times.

We are starting this process this early because pre-planning and locking everything in will take the most work, so:

If you are interested in helping out all you have to do is facebook message or email me and tell me which area or areas youd like to help out in (Troll, Weapons Check, Heralding, Storyline, Battles, Feast, Nightlife, etc.) and if you can make it to Bashcon we will be meeting on saturday for general info (anyone who doesnt make it to this meeting can be sent notes )

We are very excited to work with all of you and see what our ideas can create and we look forward to being able to come together as a family, chapter, and community.

Lets make something great! Stay awesome Eryndor!
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