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Mithris' Ragnarok XXV photos! Finnnaaallllyyy

Finally, I have the thousands of images edited down to... well... 1000 images of this year's Ragnarok!

Some of these shots weren't even taken by me, possibly Sidia, Linwe, Daeris, Leonidas, ect... but by all means post your favorites. Be patient with the set, because there's lots of sequence shots that really take place in 1.2 seconds of action.

Also, I released a new combat documentary, "Duels of Ragnarok", which can still be purchased online at (then scroll down the "artwork" page). People have been raving out this duels video, because it shows some seriously impressive action and will help you recruit new fighters as well as train your skillz!

Annnnnd, check out these glass drinking horns I made for Clifton and Cheza:

Image Image Image

I finally have some time to work on commissions, so if you're interested in a glass horn, let me know ASAP. For a custom horn, also engraved with a symbol, they cost $120. Around $90-$100 without engraving. But, check this out! Due to the production nature of glassblowing, I could totally charge less if you were get 3 or more for you and your crew. Sooo, let's say $80 a piece if you get 3 or more.... maybe even $70 a piece if you get 6 or more... ect. The possibilities are endless!

So, more artwork in photo form, check out the Ragnarok photos:

Feel free to see the images from the events happening recently in Eryndor... the post-Rag potluck and "The Battle of Shattered Bones"

Please use any of these images for your viewing/sharing delight! Hope to see you on the field soon.


PS- There are some hilarious (and B.A. epic) gems of photographs in this set. Please post your favorites here on this thread.

PPS- Sorry for taking so many pictures of Daeris and Fairion, they're just the most fun to watch.
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